Caution: this document contains explicit photos of male genitalia and minor surgery. If you find this offensive, or if this is illegal in your area, please do not proceed past this page.


Frenulum Tying Experience

Caution: I am not a doctor nor medical person of any type. I am relaying my own experiences and am not suggesting anyone repeat this procedure! If you have a medical problem, seek medical help!

Caution: this document contains explicit photos of male genitalia and minor surgery. If you find this offensive, or if this is illegal in your area, please do not proceed past the text part of the document which ends on page 4.

Caution: this document contains explicit photos of male genitalia and minor surgery. If you find this offensive, or if this is illegal in your area, please do not proceed past this page.









 on to the show!


These are ‘before’ pictures of the shortened frenulum and the typical bent head that it causes:


Closeup of the frenulum:

Closeup of the frenulum

Closeup showing location of the frenulum vein. These are after the tying as it's easier to see there:



================Video: Tying the Frenulum ============



I did not stop the process to get a picture of the needle itself but here are some small caps from the video.

. Here’s the knot just after tying:


Day 3 progress. The knot appears to be tight but not a lot of reduction in the tissue:


Day 5 Progress. Not a lot going on here. I pulled out the knot and as I suspected there was a slight narrowing of the sutured skin, but as soon as the area reduced, that took the pressure off the area so that the blood flow was no longer restricted:

I decided to replace the suture with a new elastic thread so that as the skin withered, the elastic would shrink and keep the circulation off. This is “Stretch Magic” and it’s used for beading (making beaded jewelry) and is readily available in craft stores. Comes in sizes from 0.5mm to 1.8mm- I used the 0.5mm. The material is not identified but it appears to be silicone. It’s very stretchy and strong- not easily broken by hand. This time I used a large straight sewing needle that I could fit the thread through the eye. Surprisingly, the hole from the previous suture was near-impossible to locate! I could find one side but not the through-way and I think I ended up poking a new hole. Again, not really painful even though the large needle wasn’t that sharp. No blood at all.



Day 9: The elastic string seems to be working- albeit slowly. 4 days after replacing the poly suture with the elastic string, there's considerable reduction of the frenulum. If progress does not continue, I'll replace the elastic with some more tighter over the narrower frenulum. In hindsight, I think I tried to cut too much tissue in one pass. Perhaps I should have done a smaller cut but I was concerned that a partial cut might tear as it would be under a lot of tension near the edge of the frenulum where it was stretched.


Day 10~11: I inspected the knot tonight and it was definitely no longer tight.


I cut it off and indeed the frenulum was almost completely cut through. There's maybe a mm of tissue left.


I used a much larger needle and it went through easily whereas a smaller needle had to be forced through last time and the thread through the needle made a very tight fit



I re-tied the knot with the stretchy string. It was hard to get a tight knot, perhaps because of the small diameter or perhaps the disinfectant cream was making it too slippery. I pulled the knot very tight and there was absolutely no pain or sensation so maybe the remaining tissue is mostly dead. It was tempting to just snip through it and I was guessing that my clumsy tugging with the string might just finish it off by accident. No such luck.


I'm wondering now just how it'll end. My guess is I'll pull the foreskin back to pee and it'll just snap. One of the 'worst case' fears is it'll snap at some bad time (at work) and start bleeding and I'll have to think of some story as to why my crotch is bleeding! Just that time of the month? :-)

Day 14: SUCCESS!!! :-)
I’ve been very busy the last few days and have only done the usual washing & applying disinfectant, and occasionally yanked on the string. It seemed tight so I didn’t worry about it. Today, I was lying down and er, um, ‘stretching’ my penis in bed and it felt like a little sharper twinge than normal. I turned over some ideas in my head as to how to proceed, and finally got aggravated and said, “To heck with it- I’m just going to snip it and if it hurts or bleeds- so what? It’ll just be over!”

I got up and went to the bathroom & peed and then looked to see how thick it was and if there was a reason for the twinge. I was a little confused as while the string & knot were still in place, the frenulum looked quite different! It took me a minute to realize that it had finally cut through, and the knot was just holding onto a tiny shred of skin- not even visible. It came off with a tiny tug.

I was surprised by the appearance as I’d expected something of a V-notch, like curtains that are tied back. Instead, it looked like a very ‘normal’ penis! I had expected that since my frenulum was quite large, and the cut I’d made looked small (though I’d placed the stitch fairly close to the head), that it’d take another couple of stitches to finish it up. But right now, it is looking pretty good! I think with a little stretching it’ll be fine. I was expecting some loose flaps of skin, but it pulls back fairly smoothly and I think that it will even get better as the tissue adjusts.

It does have a tiny ‘tear’ or un-healed spot right at the V so I’m trying not to stress it too much for the pics, and trying not to get ‘excited’! :-) One very noteworthy thing is just how much better the foreskin retracts now, even with these pictures in the flaccid state. You’ll see in the earlier pics how I had to struggle to force it back for the pics. In the ‘after’ pics, it just retract and stays that way- just like Nature intended! I’m sure it’ll be better with an erection, but that’ll have to wait a day or so as I want it to heal a bit.

A look at the finished product. Notice that the frenulum line is fairly flat, even with very little tension applied. The gap is about 12mm.

Here we see the foreskin retracted and is nicely hooked under the rim of the head. .

We also have a picture of the actual final silicone knot. You see that the loop has completely been closed due to the elasticity of the thread. This is a very close shot- remember that the thread is only 0.5mm thick

And the much-anticipated before and after shots! I think these speak for themselves!

All-in-all, while it took much longer than I’d anticipated, I’m very happy with the initial results! I also thing the silicone stretch string proved itself quite well, and had I used it initially it may have sped the process.


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